Why Studying Art is Important for a Child’s Character

These days, students spend a lot of time studying and mastering a lot of academic subjects. In fact, young adolescents use majority of their day to immerse themselves in mathematics, science, literature, history, and social education. While these programs are most definitely needed, the arts have certainly taken a backseat to most schools’ curriculum. As a result, some kids would know various mathematical equations or important figures in history and yet, couldn’t even paint or play a note on the piano. Here are reasons why children should place the same amount of importance on the arts as they do with academics.


Young adolescents haven’t figured out their place in the world. That’s why they spend most of their time in school to prepare them with the proper set of skills and crucial knowledge. Since these kids aren’t fully formed, their confidence is still being crafted and improved upon. One way to ensure their self-esteem is built properly is through art.

Art provides these kids with a way to accomplish a task and a physical output they can be proud of. For example, young adolescents can be more confident when they have finished poems, a painting, or learned how to play a musical instrument. These small artistic accomplishments can turn into larger ones and help establish a child’s self-esteem among other people. There are some schools in Singapore that give special focus on the arts, resulting to a diversified choices for parents and students. This makes the education system in Singapore one of the best among the world.



As we all know, children have a hard time expressing themselves to their families, friends, and authority figures. They may still be shy or they have no way to make other people understand their feelings and thoughts. To resolve that predicament, introducing a child to a certain art can greatly improve one’s manner of expression.

Once a child has learned to express his or her through art, vast amounts of creativity will soon follow. This creativity needs to be supported and cultivated in order to build a child’s character thoroughly. That’s why it’s imperative for educators to know how to nurture the potential of students and deal with the unmotivated ones. Once fully developed, self-expression and creativity will contribute to a child’s success in the future.



Along with sports, art can teach a child how to be resourceful in life. The study of various artistic fields entails a lot of challenges that needs a lot of focus and out-of-the-box thinking to solve. For example, photography needs a unique perspective to keep your output stand out from the crowd.

As simple as it may seem, taking a photo that captures a person’s attention is harder these days. With enough artistic training and experience, a child will learn to see beyond the ordinary to take amazing photos. This process is the same for other forms of art and also teaches kids on how to be more critical thinkers. The Pasir Ris Student Care programs are educational structures in Singapore that place the arts on the same footing as other subjects so resourcefulness can best be practiced by the children early on.



A kid is a social being and it won’t do well to have books for company all the time. Having a child interact with others of the same age group as they engage in an art form creates a sense of camaraderie and cooperation that can’t be learned alone. In order to accomplish a given goal, a particular child must learn how to deal and work well with other people. This improves a child’s idea on teamwork that can be very vital when he or she grows up.


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