Pros and Cons of Uniform in Schools

The school uniform is an extremely controversial topic that has undergone a lot of debate in the past. Earlier the students were much ready to wear the uniforms in school, but with the change in time, there are multiple views about why should they wear or not wear the uniform.

There are various views in support of uniform while there are also views against the school uniforms. Let us check out the pros and cons of the uniforms for school students.


Pros of uniform in schools

Sense of equality



Students in the schools having a uniform policy experience a sense of equality as all of them are required to wear it. There are no differences and fewer chances of inequality. Wearing uniform helps the students to learn in an environment of equality and see everyone equally.


No Gang Problems 

Some schools find it beneficial as it prevents the possibility of problems that could arise from the gang situations. Some schools ask the students to wear a specific color for the group to show the level of involvement of the student in various gang activities. The school managements think that the same uniform for all the students will reduce the possibility of any such events.


No need to decide what to wear

Students don’t need to decide in the morning that what clothes they should wear for the school. They already know that they need to wear the uniform every day.  So they take less time to wear the uniform and getting ready for the school. This saves the morning time of students as well as parents.


Productive learning environment



Wearing a uniform reduces the chances of distraction, and the students can focus on their studies and assigned tasks. Students do not think to compete regarding the latest fashion trends which lead to better concentration in studies and extracurricular activities. The better focus on studies leads to better productivity and learning.


More self-confidence

Wearing uniform in the school not only increases the productivity and learning but also increases the self-confidence of students. It also prepares the students for the jobs where they would need to follow the dress codes.


Fewer discipline issues

Students who wear school uniform, show a great respect for order and authority which lead to the handling of conflicts easily. This means that uniform helps to maintain discipline in schools and student care centres.


Enhanced student safety

When the students of a school wear the uniform, they are easily identified by the teachers and school authorities.  Moreover, it is easy to identify the non-students and strangers which in turn increase the student safety in schools.


Sense of community

The sports teams have a great sense of pride because of the uniform they wear. The same applies to the school students. When they go for interschool tournaments, they feel the same sense of pride belonging to the school community.


Reduces the theft and bullying

Wearing a uniform helps reduce the peer pressure and social snobbery in schools and student care centres. It also helps to control the incidents of theft and bullying. As all the students in a school have the same dress and shoes, there are no chances of theft. Also, it controls the incidents of bullying that could arise because of the difference in non-uniform clothes.


Save money



The school uniforms also eliminate the need of buying multiple pairs of casual clothes that are usually expensive than the school uniform. This saves a lot of money over the years till the children study in school. Moreover, the branded clothes are much expensive than the school uniform.


Cons of uniform in schools

Despite the various benefits of uniform in the schools, there are several disadvantages of the school uniform.


Reduced individuality

In the schools where the uniform is mandatory, students are told to think and act like a group. They are not allowed to express themselves as an individual. The strict uniform policy restricts them to express themselves individually through fashion clothes.


Students can still express themselves


Borgen Project

Some students always find a way to rebel against the rules. They look for any gaps or loopholes in the codes and regulations that govern the school uniform to exploit them. Students wear expensive jewellery, designer shoes, and style their hair in a way to express themselves individually. School is a large community and students always find a way to express their style statement which is difficult to stop.


Schools change the uniform every year

Schools have tie-ups with the uniform seller stores, and they have commissions in the sale of every piece of uniform. Therefore, some schools make changes in the uniform every year to promote the sales of their partner seller stores to earn a huge commission. Parents are bound to buy a new uniform for their children every year. This is not possible in case of schools not having a uniform policy.


Uniforms cannot stop bullying



Students in schools with uniform policy also experience bullying. The students know the differences rich and poor, intelligent and non-productive. Such differences are enough to create a sense of non-equality among the students which leads to incidents of bullying. It is better to teach the students how to stop bullying instead of following a uniform policy.


Creating consistent rules is difficult

It is almost impossible to create and apply the consistent rules by the school administrators. Uniform may get stained with dirt, mud or grass when students play games during the recess time, which could be against the uniform regulations. Moreover, some schools don’t allow the display of brand logos to create more uniformity and equality among students. But it is not possible for every brand as some brands have their logos painted on the clothing.


Final thoughts

School uniforms have their pros and cons that need to be considered by the schools while framing a uniform policy. Although school uniform is still a topic of debate among the students, parents, school authorities and educationists, however, the benefits are more than the disadvantages.


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