Home Schooling; Pros And Cons  

People all around the globe have been locking horns on this matter from quite a time now.

Some people see homeschooling as a boon, while others believe that it is a violence of kids’ human rights.

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As per the official website of National Center of Educational Statics, alone in the United States of America, 2.5 million students are getting home-schooled.

People do what they do; there is no changing them. To help you get a grip on this topic, here are a few pros and cons of keeping your kid in homeschooling.



•    Explanations

The most irritating part of the homeschooling has to be all the questions that people will dart at you. In the post-modern society, homeschooling is not received very kindly. Other may feel that any student care centre would be a better option.

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People often take homeschooling as some kind of maltreating towards children, and it is challenging to mum the mouths.

•    Keep Your Kids Upbeat

The questions will not leave your children alone too. You as an adult can handle all the questions because you know the importance of it, but kids are naïve, and the questions can leave them heartbroken more often than not.

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Kids while arguing sometimes may end up in name-calling and will call your kid a weirdo, which will be distressing too. It will be quite a task to keep the spirits of kids up.


•    Time Soaking

You must have heard time is money; well it is, at least in this world it is. Homeschooling is a very time soaking task.

You may have to cut short your business hours to help your child getting proper education on some issues.

And if you are doing a job, then there’s no way you will be able to spare time for your child’s homeschooling.


•    Financial Challenges

Homeschooling means one parent is leaving his/her job and spending all day with kids, which means cutting half of a house’s income. Today, a very few homes can run on one salary.

In addition to that, one has to pay all by oneself for textbooks and reading materials for kids, which otherwise is provided at most of the schools.

Schools which don’t provide the study material for free offers a massive discount on them though.


•    Lack Of Exposure For Kids

When your kid is staying at home all the time, even for the studies, it can turn out to be really hard on the child.

Many people believe that homeschooling can cause your kid to be socially awkward. The lack of exposure to society is said to be the reason behind it, which is not the case in any school or student care centre.


•    Weight Of Being An Excellent Teacher All The Time

You can be a super dad or mom, you might also be a freaking good orator, and nonetheless being a good teacher is an entirely different thing.

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This pressure may weigh heavily on your consciousness; you will always need to read and learn new things in order to be a great teacher.

•    There Will Be No Me Time

Kids are lovely, adorable and cute; they might as well be the sole reason why you are living, but everyone still needs a little ‘me time’.

If you are wondering why you might need to spend time alone when you have a beautiful family then you should read, psychology today’s this article.



•    You Will Guard Your Kids Against Bullying, Drugs and Sexual Abuse

Schools nowadays are now that safe, that it used to be. Educational institutes are now the birthplace of bullies, drug addicts and paedophiles.

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 If you think about the homeschooling this way, then you are technically protecting your children from the evils of society.


•    Pace of learning

Everyone knows that the schools are overcrowded; nearly every class is a bit too much for every teacher. In such scenarios, it is quite impossible for teachers to pay particular attention to all the students.

For instance think that the kid who is missing out that attention span is yours, would you still be happy to send your kid to school?


•    No Extra Pressure

From, bullying to peer pressure to physical pressure of travelling from home to school and vice versa, homeschooling can be a really smooth ride for kids.

Also, being at home factor too pays a child’s very well in the more extended run. A child will understandably feel more secure at home than school, thus will learn more and efficiently.


•    Parents will choose which sport and field their child can do better in

At times teacher makes mistakes while assigning specific tasks to students, due to more significant numbers. However, it is not the case with the parents.

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A parent knows the baby more than anyone else. Therefore it should be a parent to choose the initial study or sports career of the child, which is precisely what they do at home education.


•    Home Education Will Bring The Parents Close

While homeschooling can be a little time and energy consuming, it will also help you and your partner coming over any difference, if you have any.

The parents habitually behave as a team and take homeschooling as a task and a mission to prove the society wrong.

The sense of playing together for a more significant cause, i.e. a better future for your baby, will bring the parents close to each other, making the house environment better.


Ending Note 

Now that you have read about all the positives and negatives of homeschooling you can decide yourself what you want for your kid.

Homeschooling is not a new concept it has been there since ever, but the current society believes, the conventional schooling system is the only hope for a better future.

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Countries like, Canada, United States of America, New Zealand, Peru, India, Austria etc. have legalised the homeschooling.

On the other hand countries like Germany, Greece and Denmark are still considering the homeschooling illegal.


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