charge for days when the child is sick?


  • Yes, the centre’s fees are still payable when the child is absent as the child’s name is maintained in the class register and a place is reserved for the child until he/she returns
  • Payment of fees is discontinued only after child has withdrawn from the centre.
  • For any further enquiries, please contact a centre of your choice here.
What will the centre do when a child falls ill?


  • A teacher will attend to the child’s needs
  • The child is isolated to allow for rest
  • Parents are informed and asked to bring their child home or to consult a doctor
  • Child’s condition is monitored while waiting for parents to come
  • In case of any emergency, the child will be sent to the nearest hospital or clinic
  • Cost of medical treatment will be borne by the parents
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the centre manager of any change in emergency contact numbers of the parents or other contact persons.
What is the centre’s approach to a child who is ill?


  • Parents are advised not to bring their child to the centre
  • Home rest will allow the child to recover faster
  • Staying away from the centre will protect other children
  • In case of contagious illness eg. HFMD, Chicken Pox, etc, sibling(s) of the child who is ill will also be asked to stay away from the centre.
How is homework help and supervision conducted?
  • A teacher is present to ensure the child completes all school homework (including weekly spelling) in the centre. If the child needs help, he/she can approach the subject teacher.
  • Random check on quality and neatness of school homework is done.
  • Up to two hours is dedicated to school homework time every day.
  • For Primary 4 – 6 students who spend more time in school for enrichment, supplementary classes and CCA. Therefore, students might bring home incomplete school homework to be done at home.
  • Special arrangement can be made to prioritise school homework over the assessment work in class.
What meals will be provided for my child?
  • Lunch and tea break will be provided
  • Our children are served with nutritious and well-balanced meals to help them develop.
  • We will be providing plant-based diet.
  • No pork or lard is used in our preparation