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How to Help Students Overcome Fear of Failure?
Fear of losing out. Fear of exams. Fear of failure. Fear of “what society will say”.   We understand exam anxiety. After all, we all live in the same society where achievements and performances matter more than anything. Parents have high expectations that their child will glorify their names by doing excellent in exams. But […]
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Why Institutions Should Focus On Developing Young Adolescents’ Educational Needs
Unlike adults, young adolescents are still in a stage where their personality and core values are being formed. These kids are still discovering the things that motivate them, what makes them strong, and what weakens them at the same time. These strengths and weaknesses are usually determined and formed within the four walls of a […]
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25 Super-Effective Ideas To Win Students’ Attention In The Classroom
If you are reading this post, you’re probably a teacher and struggling classroom full of noisy, loud and disruptive students. If so, we understand that your working hours leave you dead tired, unable to even think of anything else. So how to get each student in your class listen to you silently and interestingly so […]
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Why Studying Art is Important for a Child’s Character
These days, students spend a lot of time studying and mastering a lot of academic subjects. In fact, young adolescents use majority of their day to immerse themselves in mathematics, science, literature, history, and social education. While these programs are most definitely needed, the arts have certainly taken a backseat to most schools’ curriculum. As […]
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unmotivated kids
Dealing with Unmotivated Students
Being a teacher is a big responsibility, not just in terms of making students learn what they should, but also to retain their motivation and dedication all through the process. A motivational issue is something difficult to define, though I have seen many teachers recognizing unmotivated students as those having least interest in their study. […]
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