25 Super-Effective Ideas To Win Students’ Attention In The Classroom

If you are reading this post, you’re probably a teacher and struggling classroom full of noisy, loud and disruptive students. If so, we understand that your working hours leave you dead tired, unable to even think of anything else. So how to get each student in your class listen to you silently and interestingly so that you can deliver a great lesson?

The big news is that there are infinite ways to make all students to listen to you carefully. And, here in this write-up, we are going to share some great ways to win the attention of every student present before you.

Students hate boring things!  A good teacher always prepares in advance to make his or her lessons interesting. They try different approached and combine multiple techniques to prepare an engaging lecture.  Don’t be afraid to try a different approach to bring your students back to the track of success when their attention level begins to shake.

There are hundreds of approaches to do so, and here we list only the most effective and practically tried ways to meet the needs of about every teacher. Mix and match these techniques to keep your students attentive in the class.


How To Grab Students Attention In Classroom?


Be Creative

  • Draw a funny sketch related to your lesson on the board or ask students to draw it. To add more fun, ask the right-handers to use their left hands while drawing or vice-versa. Alternatively, blindfold students to write or draw some facts from the lesson that is sure to be engaging for you’re the entire class.
  • Write three to four quotations on the board, including only one related to your lesson. Now ask students to spot the one that’s not related to the day’s lesson or simply ask how they relate each other.
  • If possible, incorporate musical teaching ideas in your lessons. Play squawky music on the tape and ask the students to identify the sound. Play related songs or even sing to your students the songs, poems or sounds related to your lesson.
  • Use Christmas tree lights or colored bulbs to highlight major parts of the lesson.
  • Arrange and wear a costume or allow students to wear costumes and similar accessories like hats and ties that’ll boost the interest of students in the lesson.
  • Write pieces of words of sentences on small pieces of construction paper. Hand out these papers to students and ask them to unscramble the broken words or sentences to recreate a relevant and meaningful structure out of them.


Challenge them to Focus

  • Students have a tendency to be more efficient when they work to the clock. Ask a student to monitor the timing of an activity and then ring the bell or buzzer on completion of the activity. Timing causes pupils to focus on the current activity and mentally prepare for the upcoming task.
  • Record your action in a video tape and give your students opportunities to be the face for the camera.
  • Provide checklist to each student who the material that they’ll be studying in the lesson, and ask them to tick off the areas that have been covered.


Ask Them to Apply What they Learned

  • For making your students take notes on the day’s lesson, use key words and phrases to entice them learn more.
  • Record yourself or your students giving information on a topic and play it in the classroom.
  • Demonstrate a video of students modeling a project that you expect your students to do.
  • Provide students with soft play clay and ask them to carry out a specific task related to the lesson. No one can even get bored while playing with clay or something gooey.


Encourage Participation

  • Use name tags strategy in the class. You can do this in varied ways; ask your students to role-play the names given to them. You could even tag the names on the back of the students and ask students to figure out the roles given to a particular student. You can use this strategy in group activities for numerous tasks related to your reading.
  • Write a few questions on the board, related to your lesson and ask students to answer the on paper. It will involve students right away on course material.
  • Hand out pictures of people or items to the students and ask them to identify or match them.
  • Ask your students to respond to a question by raising a hand or making a particular sign. It will add an entertaining element to your classroom.


Test their Comprehension

  • Counting down from ten to one is another best way to keep all students attentive to your lesson, but not to focus on their classmates.
  • Ask students to do silly movements like touching their left elbows with their right hand. It will help shake out unmotivated students entirely.
  • Hand a paper, newspaper or magazine with a few words missing and ask them to identify and tell the missing word.
  • Show a drawing about your lesson and let the pupils guess the best caption for it.
  • Ask students to prepare a slide show about the lesson with a few (4-6) numbers of slides.
  • Turn the light on or off to signal the change of pace.


Use Attractive Tools

  • Use the computer to deliver everyday lessons to add fun in your class. Students enjoy using computers to do assigned tasks.
  • Click photographs of students acting in the classroom, about the lesson of the day.


Students pay attention and respect to those teachers who invest in them regarding time and energy. Although the list of tasks mentioned above may seem little laborious, it will be a complete worth of your time and efforts, if you heartily want your students to listen to you. The Pasir Ris Student Care instructors always incorporate activities that motivate students to participate.

Remember, while you may mute the class for 35 minutes, but it doesn’t make sure that students are focusing on what you say. To be a good teacher whom students love to listen and respect, it’s important to go an extra mile to engage students in whatever you say or do in the classroom. The challenge will turn into an enjoyable activity for students as well as you.


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