Our program is designed to prepare students for the composition exam by adopting a strategies-based approach.
Print Report : to train Creative Writing skills
Broadcasting : to train articulation and speaking with confidence
Interviews : to learn the art of listening
It is an enrichment program catered for Primary 1 – Primary 6, to complement MOE school syllabus, fully geared for PSLE Maths exams.
Focus on age Groups:
7-9years old
10-12years old

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Why Learning Self Defense is Crucial for your Child
We often forget the need to teach our kids the ways to protect themselves against any physical harms. Honestly, it is a fundamental human right to defend oneself. One who is aware of the self-defense techniques has the confidence to overcome his fear of failure. And that is one of the traits of successful people. […]
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Tips to Control Discrimination against Students in the School
The academic future of a student depends on a lot of factors other than just studies. No student in the world wants to see himself failing. But circumstances play a vital role in their mental growth. The situations include discrimination based on race, community, disability, and certain other factors. If a student is discriminated against […]
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Top 10 Signs of Student Depression You Need To Watch Out
Adolescence is the tough part to deal for some teens. But as a teacher, it is important to understand the difference between a typical teen issue and a more serious problem.  Of course, many teens feel blue at times. This is why parents prefer to enrol their child in student care centres to help them […]
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After School Student Care

Welcome to Nurtureland @ Paris Ris Student Care
Nurtureland provides after school students care centre across Singapore. We
 cherish the many moments we have with our children. These opportunities accompanying and guiding young minds with higher self-awareness, inspiring them to discover personal strengths. Self-confidence is beyond academic grades. In fact, it is the source of strength that motivates children to thrive for excellence.